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10. July 2013

Mothers School Khujand Kick off

Short report from Tajikistan, 11-16.02.2013

In February 2013, in the sunny mountains of northern Tajikistan, in the city of Khujand, a group of pioneering female leaders came together to kick off the first Mothers School at the invitation of ...


10. July 2013

"Your mother" - Film screening and Discussion

Summary report of train-the-trainer workshops held in London, 2.-8.12.2012

In November the SAVE team prepared a train-the-trainer programme and Your Mothers film packs.  Our new film Your Mother, is the 6th film in the series of visual tools promoting awareness and dialogue ...


04. August 2011

Indian Women Say No to Violent Extremism! - Project Report

SAVE has successfully completed the pilot phase of its innovative income-generation, empowerment and anti-extremism workshop in Mumbai. The project was such a success that SAVE has immediately enrolled a further 70 women in a continuation of the workshop.

Forty-year-old Swati Salunke was almost beginning to think that violence is a normal part of life. “Living in police colonies we are used to verbal violence, physical violence and at times domestic ...


20. July 2010

SAVE India: Mothers for Change! "Our Stories, Our Future" Project Report

From April 26-30, 2010, SAVE India launched a Mothers for Change! pilot project to test how to reach out to families affected by the 26/11 attacks. These families can serve as important testimonials ...


16. June 2010

The Way Out! Women Know How

Mothers For Change! Train the Trainers Workshop Report

From May 24-30, 14 women from Pakistan, India, Yemen, Indonesia, Palestine, Israel, Somalia, Bosnia, and Northern Ireland came together in Carinthia, Austria for a week of workshops to learn how to implement ...


24. March 2010

Security in Safe Hands: Women Make The Difference

Second Global SAVE Conference Report

Our SAVE sisters who participated in the second global SAVE conference “Security in Safe Hands: Women make the Difference!” at the end of February 2010 continue to impress and inspire as they ...


05. February 2010

The Roles and Capabilities of Yemeni Women Against Violent Extremism

A Report From a SAVE Yemen Workshop

On January 21st, 2010, Women Without Borders/SAVE Yemen held a workshop on women’s role in challenging violent extremism. Ms. Tawakkol Karman, Chairperson of Women Journalists Without Chains ...


09. Oktober 2009

Mapping the Global Muslim Population

A Report on the Size and Distribution of the World's Muslim Population

To view this very interesting article on the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life's website about the distribution of the world's Muslim Population please Click Here.    ...


14. May 2009

The Courage to talk to the Other Side. Exit Strategies to overcome Violent Extremism

A Women without Borders SAVE event in London with Robi Damelin/Israel and Ali Abu Nawwaz/Palestine

Mosques are unknown territories, feared and misunderstood by mainstream society. Non-Muslims are mainly worried by media coverage on life inside these places of worship, but have often not set foot in ...