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10. July 2013

The Uprising of Women in the Arab World

Throughout the Arab Spring, women have been indispensable actors in fighting for political freedom and economic opportunities across the Middle East. Nonetheless the social, political, and economic standing ...


10. July 2013

The Aftermath of the Boston Marathon Bombings: A Cause for Celebration or Reflection?

By Michelle Abou-Raad April 15th, Patriots’ Day, or as we Bostonians like to call it, Marathon Monday, is a civic holiday during which New Englanders of all ages line the streets of Boston and ...


07. August 2012

SAVE's Response to Recent Shootings at the Wisconsin Sikh Temple

Most Sikhs living in the United States were not surprised by Sunday’s attack on their temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, where a gunman opened fire killing seven people and injuring three others. ...


09. July 2012

Remember: Farida Afridi, Women's Rights Advocate Murdered in Rural Pakistan

Women Without Borders joins the Peace & Collaborative Development Network (PCDN), Members of the Alliance for Ending Violence Against Women and Girls (EVAWG) and organizations around the world in ...


22. May 2012

Edit Schlaffer on Recent Suicide Bombings in Yemen

Yemen stood in the shadow of other Arab countries during the emerging revolutions. Before the uprisings across the Middle East, all we knew about Yemen was that it was very tribal, with a rough, mountainous, ...


22. May 2012

SAVE's Response to Gruesome Attacks on Yemeni Military

Monday’s attacks on the Yemeni military parade rehearsals in Sana’a can only be described as a heinous and cowardly act aimed at disrupting the country’s newfound stability. According ...


23. March 2012

A Call for Unity Against Terrorism

SAVE's response to recent attacks in Toulouse

By killing seven French citizens, the suspect in the tragic Toulouse murders, Mohamed Merah, has sought—in his own words—to “bring France to its knees.” Merah reportedly joined ...


07. March 2012

Tapping into the Untapped Potential: Women Must Make the World a Safer Place

International Women's Day 2012

This International Women’s Day, Women without Borders/SAVE would like to celebrate the strength, resilience, and dedication of women to make the world a better place. We also want to take this ...


09. September 2011

SAVE: Commemorating 9/11

Around the world, we all recognize just how much 9/11 has changed our lives. This recognition is not merely intellectual; it is an emotional reaction to increased security measures when traveling, the ...


01. August 2011

After Norway

A Call for Unity Against Hate

On Friday, Norway became the unexpected target of a terror attack that reminds us of the pervasive nature of violent extremism. Norway suffered a bombing in the capital Oslo, which killed 8 people, ...


14. July 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Reactions to Mumbai Bombings

SAVE Sisters and women leaders around the world raise their voices against violent extremism and the latest attacks in Mumbai.

14. July 2011 BREAKING NEWS: Reactions to Mumbai Bombings SAVE Sisters and women leaders around the world raise their voices against violent extremism and the latest attacks in Mumbai. Yesterday, ...


29. June 2011

The Latest from the SAVE Blog

Women must be empowered and educated to counter increasing trend of female suicide bombers

By Arshi Saleem Hashmi, Assistant Professor, National Defence University, Member SAVE Pakistan How does an eight-year-old child react to the so-called injustices by the West against the “Muslim ...


03. May 2011

Unfiltered Voices: Moving Beyond Osama Bin Laden

A New Approach to Combating Violent Extremism

SAVE Sisters from around the world have continued to raise their voices and share their concerns on the death of Osama Bin Laden. Mbarka Bouaida is the youngest ever elected member of Morocco’s ...


03. May 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Moving Beyond Osama Bin Laden

SAVE-Sisters Against Violent Extremism is the world’s first female counter-terrorism platform. To date, civil society, and especially women, have been almost completely neglected in the fight against violent extremism.

It is naïve to think that Bin Laden’s death is the end of our struggle; to achieve long-term change, we must ensure that we tackle terrorism at its roots by engaging families, communities and ...


12. April 2011

SAVE BREAKING NEWS Campaign - Women in the Middle East Uprisings

On March 22, SAVE began a campaign to make women's voices from the protests heard

Recent protests in the Middle East have highlighted the changing role of women in traditional Muslim societies. In Change Square in Yemen, women are protesting side by side with their male compatriots ...


14. July 2010

Unfiltered Voices: The SAVE Blog

In the current climate of fear and insecurity, it is more important than ever that women take security into their own hands and stake their claim in the local and global discussions on safety and stability. ...


07. July 2010

7/7: Never Again!

A Statement by Edit Schlaffer

Today is the anniversary of the 7/7 bombings, and our thoughts and wishes go out to all those affected by the bombings—victims, survivors, friends, and family members. We also think of the family ...


16. June 2010

Unfiltered Voices from SAVE Chapters Worldwide

The SAVE Blog!

The SAVE Blog was started last November, and in recent months, it has been developing as an active and dynamic forum for SAVE Sisters and allies worldwide. Here you can find updates on chapter activities ...


03. June 2010

SAVE Statement Against Violent Act at Sea near Gaza

SAVE joins the international condemnation of this violent act at sea near Gaza. We are deeply concerned by the Israeli use of force on the Peace Boats delivering humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza. ...


13. April 2010

Women as Counterterrorism Agents

By Fahmia al-Fotih'

Fahmia al-Fotih', the SAVE Yemen coordinator, wrote this essay to explain the role of SAVE Yemen in combating violent extremism in her country. Even though Yemen has recently received international criticism ...


09. April 2010

Control Over Life and Death?

Guest Commentary by Edit Schlaffer, Die Presse, 9 April 2010

A Plea for a Policy of Emotional Breakthroughs The attacks on the Moscow metro were troubling in a double sense: the images did not show attacks on a gathering of believers in front of a mosque in ...


31. March 2010

Bombings in Russia: When Disaster Strikes

Overcoming Breakdowns, Preparing for Breakthroughs

The recent bombings in Russia by female suicide bombers should give us all reason to pause: how is it possible that women—people we count on to hold together civil society, to be the voice of reason ...


30. March 2010

SAVE Women Speak Out

Excerpts from the second Global SAVE Conference, 2010

In February 2010, women from all over the world came together for the second Global SAVE Conference in Vienna, Austria. Below are some excerpts from the conference participants about who they are, how ...


10. March 2010

“We don’t want to lose our country”: Pakistan in Crisis: Female Voices from the Ground

Arshi Saleem Hashmi about the current change and crisis in Pakistan

The expert on Religion and Politics of Violent Conflicts with special reference to South Asia was invited by Women without Borders / SAVE and the US Embassy in Vienna to give a talk about Pakistani society ...


08. March 2010

Women as Early Warning Systems

Comments on International Women’s Day in the Context of Terror Prevention: A Global Mothers’ Movement Against Violent Extremism is Fighting for a New Architecture of Peace. A commentary by Edit Schlaffer

Nearly one hundred years ago, Mother’s Day saw new competition: International Women’s Day, which is celebrated globally on the 8th of March. Since the beginning, the focus has been highly ...


11. February 2010

Pakistan and Yemen in Crisis: Female Voices from the Ground

A panel discussion with Nadia Al-Sakkaf (Yemen) and Arshi Saleem Hashmi (Pakistan), 25.2.2010, 6 pm, Amerika Haus Vienna

SAVE - Sisters Against Violent Extremism and the Embassy of the United States of America cordially invite you to “PAKISTAN AND YEMEN IN CRISIS: FEMALE VOICES FROM THE GROUND” A ...


20. January 2010

The Latest From Yemen

An Interview with Nadia Al-Saqqaf, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the Yemen Times

Women without Borders recently conducted an interview with Nadia Al-Saqqaf, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the Yemen Times and a member of SAVE Yemen. Al-Saqqaf has been internationally recognized with ...


18. January 2010

The Unfiltered Voices of Yemeni Women

Collected by Fahmia al-Fotih'

Every day the world tunes in to hear what the media has to say about the situation in Yemen, but they do not hear the voices of Yemeni women. Here are some Yemeni women who have expressed their views ...


18. January 2010

Perspectives on Yemen from Yemen

Unfiltered Voices from Yemeni Women on al-Qaeda, Security, and Global Media Attention by Fahmia al Fotih'

With the arrival of a new year, Yemen has arrived at a new—and critical—era.  Alarmingly, violent extremism has dramatically increased in the corner of the Arabian Peninsula and attracted ...


14. January 2010

Edit Schlaffer: One of the 21 leaders for the 21st Century!

On January 1st 2010 Women's eNews announced the 21 Leaders for the 21st Century 2010, “a remarkable array of talent and determination that renews our optimism about what will be accomplished this ...


04. January 2010

A New Alliance Against Terror Cells!

A Commentary by Edit Schlaffer

Our fear of terrorism has once again caught up with us. It takes only one radical, who carries out his meticulous plans with deadly determination, to blow up the carefully-constructed structure of secret ...


17. November 2009

The Women´s Voices have not gone into Wilderness

A Statement from Shaheen Akhtar, Islamabad

Women and children are the most vulnerable group in any conflict situation. Their suffering is most acute and affects the society greatly, as their recovery from trauma and the process of rehabilitation ...


09. November 2009

Female Voices from Pakistan

Listen to our SAVE activists from Islamabad

Women are a direct casualty of any form of conflict, whether it is inter- or intrastate. However, the impact of intrastate conflict on women is all the more intensified, because despite being non-combatants, ...


29. Oktober 2009

Pakistan - "The Show Must Go On"

Thoughts from Arshi Saleem Hashmi on the current situation

Pakistan is undoubtedly going through a tough phase; policies made in the past are now being re-directed and re-evaluated. This policy-shift phase is not without its toll. Yesterday’s Mujaheedin ...


28. Oktober 2009

Terror Attacks in Iraq


“SAVE strongly condemns the terrorist attacks that took place in Iraq this week and mourns the loss of life. The SAVE global network stands with the women of Iraq and pledges to continue our work ...


16. September 2009

To Washington and Back

SAVE UK ambassador Hadiya Masieh´s reflections on her trip to the US

In early September, a British Muslim delegation visited the US to learn about their fellow Muslims’ lives and ideas. Hadiya Masieh, ambasador of SAVE UK, travelled with the group and attended an ...


16. September 2009

What If…Let’s Do It!

A Victory for Gendered Bridgebuilding

On September 15, 2009, US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton swore in Farah Pandith as the nation’s first Special Representative to Muslim Communities. Secretary Clinton detailed the US’s ...


14. September 2009

Join SAVE Facebook Group Today and Save the World Tomorrow

Join the S.A.V.E.  Facebook group and help Women without Borders make a difference! To join the group you must have be a Facebook member. To find the our group simple search for Sisters Against ...


11. September 2009

9/11 - 8 years later

Sisters Against Violent Extremism (SAVE) remembers the families affected by the tragic terrorist attacks that took place on September 11, 2001. SAVE condemns terrorism in all forms. Women, as key stakeholders ...


27. May 2009

Rola Dashti for Parliament

The SAVE activist was elected to the Kuwait Parliament

Rola Dashti is one of four women elected to the Kuwait parliament - the first ever! We congratulate! Rola Dashti, who was listed among the world’s 100 most powerful Arabs in 2007, is the Chairperson ...


10. January 2009

Robi Damelin from the Parent´s Circle in Israel on the War in Gaza, Jan 10th 2009

Robi Damlin participated in the SAVE conference in Vienna in November 08

Dear All, I woke up this morning feeling such a lonely sense of sadness and disappointment in what I thought was a breakthrough that we had in Austria. Since the death of David (her son) and indeed for ...


14. December 2008

Voices from the SAVE Women

Feedback after the Vienna SAVE conference

“Dear Edit, Dear Elisabeth, It was so wonderful to participate at the SAVE , meeting , Thank you so much to give me the opportunity , to meet wonderful strong women from all over the world , ...


22. December 2007

Archana Kapoor, one of the SAVE pioneers and Women without Borders India representative on the recent terror attacks in Mumbai

When we were growing up we were always told that the young are the future , they are the tomorrow.

But today when I look around me I wonder what tomorrow are we talking about? A tomorrow full of blood, of death, of fear of unreason. A future where rationality and logic don’t work? A tomorrow ...