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10. July 2013

Mothers Schools Mewat

We are happy to share with you the promising reports from SAVE’s newest Mothers School in Mewat India: spearheaded by SAVE’s longstanding partner, Archana Kapoor. Launched in the ...

Mewat May 2013


10. July 2013

Can Mothers Stop Terrorism?

By Nona Walia Social scientist and activist Dr Edit Schlaffer affirms so. She tells Nona Walia why mothers have the power to stop radicalisation of their children, and make this world a peaceful ...

Mothers Schools India © FoG


09. July 2013

Great News from the Field!

Edit Schlaffer and Georgina Nitzsche took part in the seminar ‘Women and Terrorism’ organized by the Organization for Security and Cooperation on Europe (OSCE) on the 18-19 June in Dushanbe, ...

OSCE Tajikistan


09. July 2013

Mothers on air

Tackling extremism from the home base

Some of us may well recall the time when one would huddle around the radio at a specific time of day and listen to one’s favourite programme. Only a few decades down the line, much has changed. ...

Community Radio India


13. February 2013

Mothers Schools, Tajikistan

In the sunny mountains of northern Tajikistan, in the city of Khujand, a group of pioneering female leaders came together to kick off the first Mothers School at the invitation of Women without ...

Mothers School Tajikistan © WwB


05. December 2012

Edit Schlaffer at the TEDx Women Conference

A Talk with Archana Kapoor and Arshi Hashmi

Watch a video of Edit Schlaffer participating in an enticing discussion with our SAVE sisters, Arshi Hashmi from Pakistan and Archana Kapoor from India about global consequences of extremism and the ...



23. November 2012

Your Mother

Film by Sisters Against Violent Extremism

“Your Mother” captures the stories of mothers in Palestine, France and the UK whose children have committed acts of violent extremism, or who intended to do so. These brave women discuss ...

Your mother Siham


18. September 2012

9/11 Women Refuse to Hate

Fifteen women shared with us the journey they have been on since September 11, 2001, when they lost a husband or child to the attacks. They spoke of the difficulties of having to mourn in public, because ...



16. September 2012

Women Of One Fabric Launch and Workshop in New York

In partnership with Tuesday’s Children, SAVE—Sisters Against Violent Extremism will ran the very first Women of One Fabric workshop in Irvington, NY, as the primary stage of a global solidarity ...



06. September 2012

"Beyond Al Qaeda": SAVE presents its work at the Marshall Center for Security Studies

"Causes and Drivers of Radicalization" was the topic of the lecture held by Dr. Edit Schlaffer, Executive Director

On 5 September 2012, Women without Borders Executive Director Dr. Edit Schlaffer was invited by the George C. Marshall Center for Security Studies in Garmisch-Partenkirchen to hold a lecture at their ...

Marshall Center Conference 2012


31. July 2012

What Do We Know About Pakistan?

By Edit Schlaffer, Founder and Executive Director of Women without Borders/SAVE

Military strategists as well as political and social analysts all agree that there is a steady, dangerous downward spiral at every level of society. Pakistan is considered a safe haven for Taliban insurgents, ...

Pakistan 2012 woman 2


25. May 2012

Secretary Clinton shines a spotlight on SAVE in recent remarks

Underlines the vital importance of women in security

“Around the world today, women are refusing to sit on the sidelines while extremism undermines their communities, steals their sons, kills their husbands, and destroys family after family. They’re ...

Clinton SAVE Remarks


16. May 2012

Peace from the Bottom Up

Ideas and Approaches from the Middle East at the ICSR in London

On May 10th, 2012, The International Centre for the Study of Radicalization (ICSR) hosted Founder and Executive Director of Women without Borders/SAVE, Dr. Edit Schlaffer, in an event entitled "Peace ...

Yossi Mekelberg


01. May 2012

Aicha el-Wafi Responds to the Toulouse Attacks

Aicha el-Wafi is the mother of Zacarias Moussaoui, the only person ever to be tried in a US court on charges of involvement in the September 11 attacks.  Since her son’s arrest in 2001, ...



05. April 2012

A Look Back at Hillary Clinton's Smart Power Approach to Counterterrorism

“WHY extremists always focus on women is a mystery to me. But they all seem to. It doesn’t matter what country they’re in. They want to control women. They want to control how we dress, ...

Hillary Clinton white


23. March 2012

A Call for Unity Against Terrorism

SAVE's response to recent attacks in Toulouse

By killing seven French citizens, the suspect in the tragic Toulouse murders, Mohamed Merah, has sought—in his own words—to “bring France to its knees.” Merah reportedly joined ...

Toulouse teacher


20. March 2012

SAVE Returns to Tajikistan!

In February 2012 SAVE returned to Tajikistan to identify female community leaders and bring them together through a Teamshaping workshop in partnership with the Association of Scientific and Technical ...

Tajik women smiling 2012


07. March 2012

Tapping into the Untapped Potential: Women Must Make the World a Safer Place

International Women's Day 2012

This International Women’s Day, Women without Borders/SAVE would like to celebrate the strength, resilience, and dedication of women to make the world a better place. We also want to take this ...

SAVE group picture © Xenia Hausner


24. February 2012

SAVE Film: Mothers for Change! Israel & Palestine

The inspiring story of Robi Damelin and Siham Abu Awwad

SAVE Sisters Robi Damelin and Siham Abu Awwad are two mothers who reached out to one another across the divide of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and formed a strong alliance. The peace process ...

Robi and Siham © Frauen ohne Grenzen


13. January 2012

New Hope for a New Beginning! India-Pakistan Youth Dialogue

On 22 November 2011, Women without Borders/SAVE-Sisters Against Violent Extremism facilitated a dialogue event between Indian and Pakistani youth in Mumbai to bridge the longstanding political divide ...

Ind-Pak dialogue students


05. January 2012

SAVE film: Nigerian Women Stand Up to Violent Extremism

A message from SAVE sisters Esther Ibanga and Khadija Hawaja

Nigeria has entered the year 2012 with a worrying state of emergency due to the terrifying Christmas-day attacks on churches, which resulted in the death of at least 50 people. Boko Haram claimed ...

Esther and Khadija - Xenia © Frauen ohne Grenzen


21. December 2011

STOP Violence! An anonymous hotline in Yemen

SAVE is setting up the first anti-extremism hotline in Yemen, to provide support and counseling to concerned family members

Yemeni society, which has long struggled with low employment and high inflation rates as well as poverty and illiteracy, is now also facing the resurgence of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and the ...

Smokey Sanaa © Frauen ohne Grenzen


16. December 2011

Somali Women Standing Up to Violent Extremism

On Tuesday, December 6th, 2011 Women without Borders/SAVE hosted an evening panel discussion entitled, Somali Women Standing Up to Violent Extremism, featuring two Somali women activists Hanan Ibrahim, ...

Somali women


09. December 2011

SAVE Visits Tajikistan!

From November 28 to December 2, 2011, SAVE conducted a country visit to Dushanbe, Tajikistan, to learn more about violent extremism and radicalization that lead to terrorism in the country as well as ...

SAVE Tajikistan


30. November 2011

Beyond Grief- a SAVE Film

How women stand up to violent extremism

Beyond Grief is a short documentary depicting the common journey of a group of women from India and Pakistan, who were all affected in one way or another by violent extremism. These brave women risked ...

SAVE group picture © Xenia Hausner


22. November 2011

SAVE Visits Mumbai Workshop Graduates!

SAVE visits the graduates of the competence and confidence building income-generating workshop in Mumbai

On November 20, SAVE Global visited the graduates of the SAVE competence and confidence building income-generating workshop in Mumbai, India. The participants, all wives of constables in the Mumbai police ...

Graduates of the Mumbai Workshop


15. November 2011

Can Mothers Stop Terrorism?

A SAVE discussion at the Paley Center in New York

On Tuesday, November 8th, 2011 Women without Borders/SAVE hosted a panel discussion entitled Can Mothers Stop Terrorism? at the Paley Center for Media in New York, featuring Aicha el-Wafi and Abdul Haqq ...

Paley Center 1 ©Women without Borders


09. September 2011

SAVE: Commemorating 9/11

Around the world, we all recognize just how much 9/11 has changed our lives. This recognition is not merely intellectual; it is an emotional reaction to increased security measures when traveling, the ...

Mothers group


11. July 2011

This is How Mothers MOVE Against Violent Extremism! - Videos

Film footage of the Mothers MOVE conference

In June 2011, 13 exceptional women came together in Vienna to share their experiences as activists and mothers in countering violent extremism. During a three-day conference that included media and leadership ...


28. June 2011

This is How Mothers MOVE Against Violent Extremism!

From June 6-8, thirteen inspirational women came together in Vienna to share their experiences as activists and mothers in countering violent extremism.

The Mothers MOVE conference gave participants the opportunity to hear from women from different cultural contexts, with the aim of learning from each other’s experiences, sharing best practices ...


27. June 2011

Summit Against Violent Extremism 26-29 June 2011

SAVE Sisters participate in a meeting of 90 former extremists and victims in Dublin to address questions of youth radicalization

During the last few weeks, tensions in Northern Ireland have flared up, manifesting themselves in violent riots. These events show that despite the peace process, Northern Ireland continues to be troubled ...


10. June 2011

SAVE Mothers MOVE: Panel Presentation

On 7 June, 2011, seven mothers affected by violent extremism shared their inspiring narratives of turning grief into action.

The Mothers MOVE Panel Presentation in the Akademie der Wissenschaften, Vienna, showcased and celebrated the role of mothers in preventing and combating violent extremism. The women that SAVE brought ...

Participants Mothers MOVE © Frauen ohne Grenzen


14. April 2011

Indian Women Say No To Violent Extremism!

SAVE's first integrated income-generation and anti-extremism training kicks off in Mumbai, India

On Monday, April 4, SAVE’s first integrated income-generation, empowerment and anti-extremism training kicked off in Mumbai. The participants of the unique 8-week program Indian Women Say No to ...

The women engage in the initial confidence-building exercises ©


08. March 2011

SAVE Sisters Celebrate 100 Years of International Women's Day

Women without Borders / SAVE has gathered the voices of women from around the world to celebrate the occasion of the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day. The statements remind us of the strength and commitment of our sisters around the globe

We are looking back on 100 years of global women’s commitment to making the world a better place for everyone - for women, men and children. It has certainly been an uphill struggle and our journey ...


16. February 2011

Mothers for Change! - a SAVE research project

Women without Borders/SAVE is currently implementing a forward-thinking applied research project that aims to involve mothers in combating violent extremism by recognizing the signs of early radicalization in youth

Executive Summary Mothers for Change! takes an innovative, horizontal approach to studying the process of deradicalization by taking full advantage of women’s role in the family and in society. ...


27. January 2011

The Women's Dialogue: India-Pakistan, New Ideas for a New Way Forward

On Tuesday, January 18, 2011, four representatives from India and Pakistan came together to present the results of a courageous dialogue that cut across political and religious boundaries.

Although politicians on both sides regularly engage in high-level negotiations, grassroots representatives—and especially women—are only rarely included. It is obvious, however, that diplomatic ...


17. January 2011

Speaking Out Before it is Too Late! Women Know How

Guest Commentary by Edit Schlaffer. An Example of an Indian-Pakistani Women's Dialogue: How Dialogue can Contribute to the Defeat of Isolation and Extremism

Understanding, reconciliation, forgiveness, compromises, and ideals are not terms that we immediately associate with negotiations at the international level. But why don’t we? The answer is ...


10. January 2011

The Women’s Dialogue: India-Pakistan

New Ideas for a New Way Forward

The nuclear powers India and Pakistan are of highest global concern. In recent years both countries have repeatedly been on the brink of war; the 26/11 attacks on Mumbai only intensified the critical ...


26. November 2010

From soft power to smart power in Mumbai

SAVE India works with policemen's families on the anniversary of the Mumbai terrorist attacks in an income-generating workshop

Dear Women without Borders, Dear SAVE Sisters, Dear Friends, The face of Mumbai has changed drastically over the past week; this bustling metropolis has taken on fortress-like qualities in preparation ...

Income-generating workshop, India Nov 2010


25. Oktober 2010

Political Conflict Resolution Starts at Home! Men and Women join forces across the Divide

A dialogue project between India and Pakistan

The conflict between India and Pakistan has been smoldering since the end of British colonial rule in the year 1947. Negotiations and peace agreements will only be successful if strategies and programs ...

Arshi S. Hashmi and Mossarat Qadem © WwB


24. September 2010

Follow SAVE on Flickr!

Photostories of our most recent projects

SAVE has recently joined Flickr, so now you can follow SAVE's activities in pictures! So far, you can see our pictures from our colorful workshop in Mumbai this April, and from Yemen last October. ...