english course © Martina Handler/WwB

Women participating in the English course in our women´s center in the Nimruz province, Afghanistan.

Our Country My Role Workshop © Martina Handler/WwB

Women at a workshop with the Women without Borders handbook "Our Country My Role".


Afghanistan - Women´s Center in the Nimruz Province

This successful project is already been running for three years. At the request of the Afghan Ministry for Women, and after an assessment of the need and feasibility of the project, a women's shelter was established in Zaranj. Zaranj is the capital of the Afghan province Nimruz and with the help of the Austrian Ministry for Social Affairs as well as with other donations the building of the shelter was possible.
For this project Women without Borders is collaborating with the Committee for Solidarity for the Afghan People e. V. in

Germany . This center has began its various activities after the renovation of an office building in November 2003. These activities include computer courses, English and literacy courses, women’s rights advice and health advice (also from house to house).

Since January 2005, a new course about democracy and women’s rights using the "Our Country My Role" handbook (please see the project Empowerment from Afghan Women for Afghan Women) is offered.
The women’s rights advisory program is unique in this province. The project has had a positive effect on women´s affairs in the region,it has been able to gather more than 200 women in one place each day, creating a safe atmosphere where women can discuss their problems.

Martina Handler visited the project in June 2005, click here to read a background report on her journey.

This project was financially supported by the Austrian Ministry for Social Affairs, consumer protection and generations.
Our project partners in Nimruz are still taking care of the center and supervise the ongoing activities and courses.

Bank account for donations: Women without Borders, BA-CA, IBAN: AT76 1200 0520 8537 1102, BIC: BKAUATWW, Purpose: Women's Shelter Afghanistan


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