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Witness of History

SAVE creates a network of eyewitnesses of violent extremism who provide the young generation with alternative role models

The SAVE Witness of History Project puts a face to the tragic aftermath of terrorist attacks. The project is led by women and create a network of eyewitnesses of violent extremism. These witnesses share their stories to promote reconciliation rather than revenge. SAVE Global is creating new pathways for the young generation to gain access to testimonials of the consequences of terrorism, in order to expose them to the reality of the dangers of extremist ideologies. Women as mothers, educators, journalists, and activists will lead the way for this SAVE Global Counter-Extremism Education Campaign. Rather than implementing an educational campaign years after the occurrences, the SAVE Witness project seeks to act swiftly and comprehensively at the height of the threat of terrorist activities around the globe. SAVE has a vision of bringing together victims of and those affected by violent extremism. As witnesses of history, their voices can and should carry credible weight in developing new strategies to combat radical ideologies and consolidate peace and security in unstable regions. Watch interviews from the Witness of History Project: For more interviews please visit the Women without Borders Youtube Channel: www.youtube.com/user/WomenWithoutBorders0


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