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Girls in Kigali who are participating in the "Kicking for Reconciliation!"-porgram.

Rwanda: "Kicking for Reconciliation!"

A Women without Borders Football for Girls´Project in Kigali

Self-confidence, competence, trauma healing through sport

In 1994 the conflict between the Tutsi minority and the Hutu majority in Rwanda started to escalate – the world’s largest genocide since the Second World War began.
“Never again” is the slogan of the young Rwandan girls; today Hutus and Tutsis try to work side by side. New institutes and commissions for reconciliation were set up to overcome traumas, the deep seated feelings of hatred, resentment and resignation.
The average age of the Rwandan people today is approximately 18 years. Thus, the youth carries the responsibility of leading the country into a safe and stable future. Women have taken on a very special role in the reconstruction, building peace and social healing processes.

Women without Borders is starting the project “Kicking for Reconciliation” in Kigali. 160 girls will be trained and contribute to the establishment of a peaceful and modern society in their country.

Sport is an important tool to coming to terms with the past. Through the founding of the girls' football teams and the production of a training handbook, we create a model project, which besides football training, focuses on self-confidence,
self –awareness, as well as trauma healing.
The training of Hutu and Tutsi girls together is unique and will be an investment into the future of Rwanda’s youth.

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of the “Austrian Sport” for the equipment, the girls will seize Kigali’s football fields within the next few weeks.

On June 13th 2006 we presented the project together with Home Minister Liese Prokop, State Secretary Karl Schweitzer and the Ambassador for the Democratic Republic of Rwanda Eugene-Richard Gasana. Click here for more information and fotos.

This sports empowerment project is already finished. 160 girls were succesfully trained. Please click here to read an interview with Umertha Uwanyirigira, one of our football trainers in Kigali.


Bank account for donations:
Women without Borders, BA-CA, IBAN: AT22 1200 0520 8537 1104, BIC: BKAUATWW, purpose: Rwanda - Kicking


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