Girls Parliament Peru

Girls Parliament Costa Rica

Local - International Girls Parliament

in Latin America and Europe

This unique project is funded by the European Commission, and carried out simultaneously in 8 different municipalities in six Latin American and two European countries in the framework of the EU´s URB-AL network, which focuses on decentralisation.

The participating municipalities are:

Austria, Stadt Graz
Spain Sabadell (Barcelona)
El Salvador, San Salvador
Costa Rica, Municipalidad de Belén
Venezuela, Municipalidad de Sucre
Bolivia, Municipalidad de San Xavier/Concepción
Perú, Municipalidad de Ate
Argentina, Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Through this project, Women without Borders will establish and maintain a process of political education for young women of diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds in order to provide them with capacities for leadership skills, sensitisation for gender equity, critical thinking, democratic concepts etc. This will be achieved by setting up of a local and international platform where these young women can learn and exercise these capacities.
The target group are young women from secondary schools, universities and social organisations between the ages of 15 and 24.
The principle activities are to develop and design educational and instructive material, to run a capacity building workshop, in order to train the local staff, to set up the local/international Parliaments, to establish a communication network between the participants, and to create a web page as the main medium for exchange, information and communication of the project.

General Objective
To promote a process of learning and sensitisation for young women in local politics and in political concepts (democracy, political participation and gender equity), using a gender-based approach, in order to contribute to the development of an active citizenship. This will create an intercontinental network of local/international Girls' Parliaments, in order to compensate the imbalance of female representation in local politics, with the aim to transform the platform into a Youth Parliament, sensitising and educating young women and men in politics with a gender perspective.

Project start: June 2005
Project duration: 2 years

Please visit the project webpage www.girlsparliament.net!


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