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Ed Husain, auhor of The Islamist, and Shaukat Warraich, Right Start Foundation

Austria - 3rd Millennium Muslim Man

An action-oriented research project to facilitate the understanding of male Muslims and non-Muslim youth in Austria including experiences from England, France and Germany

Over 15 million Muslims live in the European Union, and the majority is under 30. According to estimates of the U.S. National Intelligence Council, the Muslim population of Europe will double by 2.25. Social tensions and security fears regarding the rapidly growing Muslim population are leading domestic issues across Europe.

Austria, a country that seems to live superficially in line with its Muslim population, is the appropriate territory to take a look behind the scenes and to address this generation of young male Muslims directly. We seek preventive measures before pent-up frustrations, exclusion – whether perceived or tangible, and anticipated feelings of indignity lead to tension and, possibly, violent conflict. The voices of the Muslim youth, especially that of the young men, are either inaudible or clouded by the declarations and actions of a small group of radical Muslim activists.

The young male generation must be concertedly included in this cultural dialogue. To achieve this requisite, the realities of Muslim men between he ages of 15 and 25 will be documented and will be contrasted with comparable groups of Austrian youth to identify and discuss points of tangency, discrepancies, and conflict.

This action-oriented research project wich was sponsored by the Austrian Ministry of Social and Consumer Protection was finished in August 2009. A short report on the most important research results can be read soon on our website.


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