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Austria - Fair Share in Career and at Home

Family Future Trends – The Future of Living Together

This fall, Women without Borders is conducting an Austria-wide online survey about the reconciliation of work and family. The questionnaire highlights daily realities for men and women in the context of family and work and deals with the reasons for choosing certain household models, wishes, and the actual implementation of various forms of cohabitation. The “Fair Share” study will expose the failures of work-life balance. A total of 1000 employed men and women between the ages of 25 and 45 will be questioned. To finish the study, Women without Borders will also conduct 30 in-depth interviews and conversations with experts.

You can find a link to the survey here (in German only). The survey takes about 15 minutes and responses are anonymous. It is not necessary to be in a relationship or to have children to take part in the survey, as it also deals with future plans and wishes.

Fathers take paternity leave, women head companies. But such mothers and fathers are not the rule, they are rather an exception. And equality between men and women exists only in theory: despite the fact that over 50% of graduates in almost all fields are women, it is still primarily men who are at the helm of Austrian firms. And while company bosses are frequently fathers, successful women have to decide between children and a career. Mastering the double burden of family and work is no simple task, especially if only one half of the partnership has to do so on her own. The desire of change is present in both men and women, but where is the implementation? Why does the reconciliation of work of family in Austrian society fail?

This study is funded by the Austrian Ministry for Health, Family and Youth.

The study was finished at the end of 2009. A summary of the most important results will be available soon.


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