Young Muslims in Europe, Heba Eliasb © Carolin Gagidis-Rappenberg

Young Muslims in Europe

A Women without Borders Photo-Text documentation by Edit Schlaffer and Xenia Hausner

How do the young Muslim women of Europe think? How do they define their inner geography and sense of belonging in the tension-filled matters of tradition, religion and modernity?

This project with take an analytical, behind-the-scenes look at the aspirations, wishes and setbacks of Muslim women living throughout Europe. We will meet authors, politicians, activists, engaged youth, women’s shelters, athletes, and musicians living in the European nations which exemplify the West-Islam culture conflict: France, England, Germany, Holland and Austria.

From soccer players to rappers, from those devoted to wearing the head scarf to those fond of mini-skirts, the spectrum is colourful and exciting. These women are united by their determination to stand up for an open and judgement-free society.

The project is made possible through the support of Echo medienhaus Ges.m.b.H. and a book will be published in 2010.


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