Peace starts at Home, India © Elisabeth Kasbauer / FoG

India - Peace Starts at Home. Men Included!

A Project Against Violence Against Women

Men have strength, but not to hit,” is the message of an anti-violence campaign and awareness training in New Delhi and Chennai which we have developed in cooperation with our Indian partner Archana Kapoor and her NGO SMART.

Peace Starts at Home” was established in October 2007. The initiative, which is supported by the Austrian Ministry for Social and Consumer Protection, is a pilot project for positive male participation and action.
In the first round, local and international experts were brought together in Delhi for a workshop where they brainstormed on strategies. A training manual was compiled based on their ideas and on the analysis of our survey of families affected by violence. Subsequently, social workers and NGO employees were trained though courses with the objective of working together with men in the region to find constructive ways to combat violence.

Men make peace, this time at home and not in the international arena” is the slogan of the campaign in India which was brought into being under the terms of consciousness-education projects.

The project was finished in May 2010. Click here to find information on our past projects “Connecting Women and Children for Hope!,” “Take your Future into Your Own Hands,” and our Swimming Project for Women and Girls in South India.

If you would like to support these projects, please send donations to:
BACA, BLZ 12.000, Account Number: 52085 371 106, Codeword: India


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