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Worldwide - Girls without Borders

The daughter of Women without Borders

Girls without Borders, the daughter of Women without Borders, is online!

Girls without Borders is an international, innovative web-platform for girls and young women; an attractive forum which offers leadership, competence and empowerment trainings and boosts active participation in society, politics and culture.

We already started to build an internationale network for girls and young women some time ago with our model projects for youth. The Women without Borders empowerment and leadership programs in Rwanda, Afghanistan, Latin America, Austria, Turkey and Cyprus are succesful and unique initiatives to prepare girls and young women for an active, self-confident and powerful future. offers the future generation a possibility to network, to to interact, to actively participate in projects and campaigns.
More than the half of the worldpopulation is under 25 years old; it is our responsibility to prepare the youth for a peaceful, democratic and gender just future.

Girls without Borders change the world – Girls without Bordesr have the courage to dream, the capacity to create, the will to change and the power to transform.

Animate your daughters, nieces, friends, colleagues – sisterhood is beautiful, it makes you powerful!


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