Political Conflict Resolution Starts at Home! Men and Women join forces across the Divide

A dialogue project between India and Pakistan

The conflict between India and Pakistan has been smoldering since the end of British colonial rule in the year 1947. Negotiations and peace agreements will only be successful if strategies and programs ...

Ind-Pak dialogue students


Mothers MOVE! in Kashmir

WwB/SAVE currently launched a research project on mothers and their concerns, hopes and whishes in one of the most conflict ridden regions of the world.

Kashmir is one of the most highly militarized regions in the world, and the presence of security forces in Kashmir has become increasingly entrenched since the partition of India and Pakistan in 1946. ...

Kashmir June 2013


New Hope for a New Beginning

Breaking Down Barriers between Indian and Pakistani Youth

On 22 November 2011, Women without Borders/SAVE-Sisters Against Violent Extremism facilitated a dialogue event between Indian and Pakistani youth in Mumbai to bridge the longstanding political divide ...

Ind-Pak dialogue panelsits


New Players, New Strategies:

Mothers take a stand!

"I wish they could feel their parents' pain and see how the parents will suffer and struggle for the rest of their lives." Bouthaina, Mother of Ahmed, a suicide bomber In the process of understanding ...

Mothers and Perpetrators


Mothers of One Fabric

Women without Borders/SAVE will highlight the stories of mothers of victims and of perpetrators of terrorist acts to serve as a call to action to other mothers to intervene if they recognize early warning signals of radicalization among their children.

By merging the perspectives of both sets of mothers through a traveling photo exhibition and documentary film, viewers will understand the central role that mothers and families can play in combating ...



STOP Violence! An anonymous hotline in Yemen

SAVE is setting up the first anti-extremism hotline in Yemen, to provide support and counseling to concerned family members

Yemeni society, which has long struggled with low employment and high inflation rates as well as poverty and illiteracy, is now also facing the resurgence of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and the ...

Smokey Sanaa © Frauen ohne Grenzen


Rwanda - Girls: Fit for Leadership! Empowerment Strategies for “Young Future Leaders”

Model project Girls’ Parliament in Rwanda

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day 2004 and the 10-year commemoration of the genocide in Rwanda, Women without Borders invited the Rwandan Member of Parliament Connie Bwiza Sekamana ...

Rwandese School Girl © Xenia Hausner


Young Muslims in Europe

A Women without Borders Photo-Text documentation by Edit Schlaffer and Xenia Hausner

How do the young Muslim women of Europe think? How do they define their inner geography and sense of belonging in the tension-filled matters of tradition, religion and modernity? This project with ...

Young Muslims in Europe, Heba Eliasb © Carolin Gagidis-Rappenberg


India - Connecting Women and Children for Hope

A Tsunami-Relief Project in Chennai / South India

It is hard to describe the scale of destruction or the loss of life which the never-before earthquake-triggered Tsunami tidal waves brought in their wake across several coastal districts of Tamil Nadu. ...

Girl - Connecting © Elisabeth Kasbauer / FoG


India - Peace Starts at Home. Men Included!

A Project Against Violence Against Women

“Men have strength, but not to hit,” is the message of an anti-violence campaign and awareness training in New Delhi and Chennai which we have developed in cooperation with our Indian partner ...

Peace starts at Home, India © Elisabeth Kasbauer / FoG


Iraq - Daily Life of Families in Iraq

Youth in the Midst of Horror and Hope

The Iraqi youth are a part of the most educated segment of the Arab world. During the course of the last two years they have been increasingly cut off from education. The unstable political ...

Iraq-Workshop in Blumau


Austria - 3rd Millennium Muslim Man

An action-oriented research project to facilitate the understanding of male Muslims and non-Muslim youth in Austria including experiences from England, France and Germany

Over 15 million Muslims live in the European Union, and the majority is under 30. According to estimates of the U.S. National Intelligence Council, the Muslim population of Europe will double by 2.25. ...

3rd Millennium Muslim Man © Us Mission Brussels


Afghanistan - Women´s Center in the Nimruz Province

This successful project is already been running for three years. At the request of the Afghan Ministry for Women, and after an assessment of the need and feasibility of the project, a women's shelter ...

english course © Martina Handler/WwB


Afghanistan - Basketball for Girls in Kabul

Under the reign of the Taliban, girls were literally under “house arrest”. They have forgotten—or, worse, had never learnt—how to play sports or to move about. Girls have an enormous ...

Girls in Kabul playing Basketball © Georgina Nitzsche


Worldwide - Girls without Borders

The daughter of Women without Borders

Girls without Borders, the daughter of Women without Borders, is online! Girls without Borders is an international, innovative web-platform for girls and young women; an attractive forum which offers ...

Girls without Borders ©SWI


Austria - Fair Share in Career and at Home

Family Future Trends – The Future of Living Together

This fall, Women without Borders is conducting an Austria-wide online survey about the reconciliation of work and family. The questionnaire highlights daily realities for men and women in the context ...

Fair Share, Österreich © nationalgeographic


Afghanistan - Empowerment of Afghan Women for Afghan Women

"Our Country My Role"

Afghan women need the competence and the 'know-how' to be able to take their future into their own hands and to take care of their own concerns. This project was the first initiative to support ...

Empowerment-Workshop  ©Mabi Angar


Palestine - Emergency Medical Help in Birzeit

In cooperation with the Palestinian human rights and peace activist Sumaya Farhat-Naser, the Bruno Kreisky Forum and the Birzeit Women’s Charitable Society, Women Without Borders is supporting a ...

Sumaya Farhat Naser © Women without Borders


Local - International Girls Parliament

in Latin America and Europe

This unique project is funded by the European Commission, and carried out simultaneously in 8 different municipalities in six Latin American and two European countries in the framework of the ...

Girls Parliament Peru


Rwanda: "Kicking for Reconciliation!"

A Women without Borders Football for Girls´Project in Kigali

Self-confidence, competence, trauma healing through sport In 1994 the conflict between the Tutsi minority and the Hutu majority in Rwanda started to escalate – the world’s largest genocide ...

Workshop participants © Georgina Nitzsche/WwB


Austria/Turkey/Cyprus: Young Women: Fit for Politics!

Political Empowerment Workshops for young women in Vienna, Istanbul and Nicosia.

Young Women: Fit for Politics! is a unique initiative, which puts interested and committed young women in a position to actively fight for a cause and make a contribution to society. It wants to broaden ...

girls fit for politics ©Ruth Brauer for WwB


India - Take your Future into your own Hands

A Tsunami Rehabilitation and Support Project for Women 40+

Women, who are for different reasons, being socially as well as economically marginalized. After the Tsunami the social structures in the villages have been destroyed. In the predominant ...

Take your future into your own Hands - rope making © Elisabeth Kasbauer/WwB


India - Women swimming into the Future!

A Women Empowerment Project in the South Indian Tsunami region.

This pilot program to give girls and women swimming lessons, in cooperation with the Sports Division of the Austrian Federal Chancellery, was a great success. From February 2nd to the 8th ...

Swimming girl - Chennai © Elisabeth Kasbauer


Austria - Learning to Live Together

A Research Project on Muslim and Non-Muslim Students, Parents, and Teachers in Austria

On behalf of the Federal Ministry for Education, Art, and Culture we conducted two research projects: Lived School Partnerships: For a Culture of Encounters in School. Intercultural Parent-Teacher Cooperation ...

Muslim school girls in Vienna © WwB


Zanzibar - The Island of Change! Women Walking into the Future

Women without Borders’ vision: to establish Zanzibar as a model for change and successful development.

From 22 June to 10 July 2008, Women without Borders traveled to Zanzibar—a small island in the Indian Ocean, half an hour by plane from Tanzania—with a team of researchers from the fields of economics, ...

Women without Borders with Shadya Karume © Zayedesa


Mothers for Change!

Women without Borders/SAVE is currently implementing a forward-thinking applied research project that aims to involve mothers in combating violent extremism by recognizing the signs of early radicalization in youth

Mothers for Change! takes an innovative, horizontal approach to studying the process of deradicalization by taking full advantage of women’s role in the family and in society. Women are strategically ...

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