Take your future into your own Hands - rope making © Elisabeth Kasbauer/WwB

Women in Kadaloor Aali Kuppam. They learned how to make rope out of cocunut coir.

Take your Future into your own hands, owmen 40+, © Elisabeth Kasbauer / FoG

India - Take your Future into your own Hands

A Tsunami Rehabilitation and Support Project for Women 40+

Women, who are for different reasons, being socially as well as economically marginalized.
After the Tsunami the social structures in the villages have been destroyed. In the predominant chaos the traditional social network broke and the village communities are now totally dependent on outside help.
In the context of the Indian social structure women older than 40 are seen as old people. They are suddenly alone, maybe with children they don´t receive support for,some also don´t have the necessary know how to take their life into their own hands to become socially independent.

The project is in cooperation with Archana Kapoor and her NGO "SMART" , Seeking Modern Applications for Real Transformation, a non-profit organization which is working with the marginalized sections of society, especially the women and children the areas.

“Together we are strong“
In the district of Kanchipuram social empowerment and entrepreneurial training workshops will be offered for 500 women from a cluster of 15 villages.
Another focal point is on Income Generation Programmes. We act on the assumption that about 5 women join forces to build “business teams” and form small businesses.

The project which supported widows and women 40+ was finished in June 2007. Due to the sustainable structure of the project the initiative is still going on – women built up their own shops, sell their goods to wholesale merchants and sell their good on the local markets.
“Take your future into your own hands” was funded by the Austrian Ministry for Social Affairs and consumer protection.
Archana Kapoor, our project partner who is a filmmaker and represents Women without Borders India produced a film documenting the initiative. “Life beyond Tsunami” was presented together with the Austrian Social Minister Dr. Erwin Buchinger in June 2007 in Vienna. You can order the DVD at Women without Borders!



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