Empowerment-Workshop  ©Mabi Angar

Trainer Fatima in Besut Workshop

Afghan Women on their Way to the Voting Station © Alexander Nitzsche

Afghan women on their way towards democracy: at the presidential elections in October 2004 many of them made use of their right of participation.

A Girl in Besud, Afghanistan © Mabi Angar

Afghanistan - Empowerment of Afghan Women for Afghan Women

"Our Country My Role"

Afghan women need the competence and the 'know-how' to be able to take their future into their own hands and to take care of their own concerns. This project was the first initiative to support women in their efforts towards long-term participation in political and public life. In particular this project aims to help Afghan women take part in elections. Using the Women without Borders handbook Our Country My Role  Afghan trainers and home-based activists organized day-long workshops to teach Afghan women the basics of democracy, civil society and human rights. The handbook has attracted a lot of interest from national and internationals organizations operating in Kabul , including UNIFEM, UNDP and IOM and is still used as a training manual for several workshops. 
The project was conducted in cooperation with the L. Boltzmann Research Institute for Politics and Interpersonal Relations. The two Women without Borders associates Mabi Angar and Nelli Khorrami spent August and September of 2004 in Afghanistan in order to strengthen the cooperation with the Afghan Ministry for Women’s Affairs and to document in detail the workshops in three of the ministry’s women’s centers (in the provinces Kabul, Parwan and Maidan-Wardak).


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