Mothers Schools

Sensitizing Mothers to Recognize Signs of Radicalisation

“We feel powerless when we tell our children, go regularly to school and in return they say why don’t you go? But, now we are happy that somehow we can proudly say that even though we didn’t ...

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Witness of History

SAVE creates a network of eyewitnesses of violent extremism who provide the young generation with alternative role models

The SAVE Witness of History Project puts a face to the tragic aftermath of terrorist attacks. The project is led by women and create a network of eyewitnesses of violent extremism. These witnesses ...

Witness of History 1


Mothers MOVE! - Campaign

SAVE empowers mothers as agents of change in the global environment of violent extremism.

SAVE's “Mothers MOVE!” (Mothers Opposing Violent Extremism) campaign provides mothers the encouragement, support and necessary tools to protect their children from the threat of violent ...

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