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Women's Education and Social Change in Saudi Arabia

Thursday, 27th of April, at 4 p.m.
Technical University Vienna, Karlsplatz 13, 1040 Vienna, Room: Bocklsaal
This Lecture will take place in the framework of the scientific and cultural days organised at Austrian universities. More information under: 01/7139197

There is an exciting transition taking place in the Middle East states (ME): an educated, effective and well connected cadre of empowered women are currently emerging as the acceptable face of Arab modernisation. From Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), to professors, ministers and doctors - Arab women are on the move.

Speakers: Dr. Laila Al Ghaleb, Dr. Nof Alajemi, Prof. Dr. Salwa Alkhatib

Dr. Edit Schlaffer, chairperson of Women without Borders, is currently working on a unique research project supported by the FWF (Fund for support of scientific research): "Bridging the Gap - Empowerment Strategies for the New Female Arab Leadership". The research is focusing on experiences, hopes, ambitions, perspectives, and obstacles that male and female students and graduates in Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the United Arabic Emirates face. It is them who build the future.

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