Celebrate with Women without Borders / SAVE !

Dear Women without Borders, dear SAVE Sisters, dear Friends,

This was a very special year for us. Not only did we celebrate the tenth anniversary of our Organisation, we feel that we had a true breakthrough in mobilising mothers around the globe to actively stand up against the ongoing threats of violent extremism in their communities and families.

Women without Borders/SAVE is promoting new concepts of grassroots security to compliment high level efforts and to take action right where it is needed—at the earliest stages of radicalization. Mothers are the first line of defense. But they need to know it, and own it. They need the self-confidence and competence to read the early warning signs of radicalisation, address the problems, and work on solutions together.

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Women without Borders we brought trusted partners from India, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Indonesia, Nigeria and Zanzibar to Vienna to launch the global SAVE network of Mothers Schools. We hope that this new initiative will help create a new people-driven security paradigm.

Please click here to watch our latest video featuring our Mothers School pioneers from India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Zanzibar.

This is the beginning of a unique new mothers’ movement – join us on our way forward to make the world a safer place!

Edit Schlaffer and the Women without Borders / SAVE Team


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