Christmas greetings from Women without Borders / SAVE

Dear women without borders, dear SAVE sisters, dear friends,

Christmas time is associated with notions of peace and harmony, and we all hope to spend some quiet time with family and friends, in order to build up energy for the New Year.

Intolerance, violence and terror, however, are always in season. They know no Christmas peace or hope for a better year to come. That is our challenge.

The New Year is also seen as an opportunity to celebrate the powerful and important. TIME Magazine has already created a list of the “50 Most Powerful Women”, headed by Indra Nooyi, the CEO of PepsiCo. We are happy for these accomplished women. But there is no international ranking of excellence for the women who spend every day fighting against poverty, domestic violence, extremism and terror.

Nevertheless, women have made quite considerable progress, the reasons for which are manifold. We need to highlight the driving force behind women's achievements: a change in attitudes. Finally women are comfortable with looking at power in a different way. The power arena is no longer solely the area of boys and old men. Now, every woman can play, and we will play hard, which is new for us, and work hard, which we do anyway and will continue to do.

Our determination, talent and passion will make our world a safer and more pleasant place.

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

With best wishes from Vienna,

Edit Schlaffer and the Women without Borders / SAVE team


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