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20. January 2016

students after the attack in Pakistan © AFP

Distraught students emerged from the university after the attack (copyright: AFP)

In solidarity with the young people of Pakistan

We are deeply saddened to hear of today's attacks at Bacha Khan University in northern Pakistan. Students and faculty came together for a poetry reading to commemorate the death of leader and peace activist and also close friend of Mahatma Gandhi for which the schools is name. It is not a coincidence that the terrorists chose this day. Reports confirm 30 dead, most of them student victims. According to the daily Dawn news outlet, one of the students witnessing the carnage said, "The attackers were just like us. They appeared to be very young, carrying AK47 guns."  What these terrorists had in mind: attacking the future of the country, which lies in the hands of the young, educated generation. An unprecedented number of girls are studying now across Pakistan; but will this last when security is so uncertain? They have attacked all of us. Creating a climate of fear and chaos.


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