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16. July 2015

Soroptimist International European Peace Prize 2015

Edit Schlaffer is awarded the Soroptimist International of Europe Peace Prize 2015

Edit Schlaffer was awarded the Soroptimist International Europe Peace Prize 2015 for her work with Women without Borders, at the Soroptimist International Convention in Istanbul.

This award honors all of Women without Borders/SAVE's partners who are working to build peace and security in their communities. It provides evidence that female leadership exists at each and every level. Women have always been leading for peace to make the world more secure, but now we need more than ever to highlight the role of mothers. Mothers are on the frontlines and they need to be acknowledged and supported in this crucial role. SAVE seeks to a establish a global innovative security approach, which engages mothers as a valuable embedded security ally on the homefront.


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