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07. December 2008

SAVE Gruppenfoto © Xenia Hausner

The Vienna SAVE declaration against violent extremism

SAVE - Sisters Against Violent Extremism

From November 28th till 30th 2008 the first SAVE - Sisters Against Violent Extremism - conferencde took place in the Viennese Palais Schönburg.
The more than 30 participant from all over the world together formulated the SAVE Declaration which was presented to the public in a press conference on December 1st:

Each participant of the first SAVE – Sisters Against Violent Extremism
conference declares:

1. I, as a woman, will use the local and global networks of women to stop the killing.
2. I will inspire a new response to prevent terror, violence and discrimination.

3. I will create awareness for not stigmatizing the families of the extremists/terrorists

4. I will support the young generation with non-violent alternatives in their search for a better life.

5. I will engage all forms of media for spreading the message of non-violence.

6. I will insist on peaceful resolutions to prevent escalation of conflict and violence.

7. I will promote a global dialogue for a future without fear.

8. I will raise my voice against all hostile states and politics that cause suffering.

9. I recognise the urgency to create ‘SAVE’ spaces for a peaceful coexistence.

10. I will always remember those affected by violent extremism.

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