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21. February 2007

Rajaa al Khuzai 17.2.07 © Xenia Hausner

Dr. Rajaa al-Khuzai, Baghdad

Rajaa al-Khuzai und Ministerin Bures © HBF/Pusch

Rajaa al-Khuzai und Frauenteam © Elisabeth Kasbauer/FoG

Rajaa al-Khuzai und Omar al-Rawi © Elisabeth Kasbauer / FoG

Rajaa und Stadträtin Frauenberger ©Elisabeth Kasbauer/FoG

Rajaa al-Khuzai met Vienna´s city counsellor for women´s affairs at the ball Nacht der Wiener Wirtschaft in die Viennese City Hall.

Iraq - I am alive, but I am not doing well.

The doctor and politician Dr. Rajaa al-Khuzai in Vienna.

At the invitation of the Nacht der Wiener Wirtschaft 2007 (The Night of the Viennese Commerce) Dr. Rajaa al-Khuzai, who was our key speaker at the event “Women as Targets” in November travelled to Vienna. She was the guest of honour at the ball on Saturday, 17th in the Viennese City Hall. The proceeds of the event will benefit her widows project in Baghdad –

Rajaa al-Khuzai is a tough and encouraged woman who gives us insight in to the lives of Baghdad, pictures and voices we don’t see on TV, the daily life in the middle of terror and violence:

I try to be a speaking tube, to tell the world, how we feel. The government has so much work, that they forget of the women. It happens so often that women die of a bomb attack while they are shopping, but they have to go to the market every day. Without support of the women there won’t be a future for Iraq! And of course no security. The latest form of violence and terror is the targeted killing of students. And the one and only thing the government can do are the curfews. But despite all that, I stay in Iraq. I do my best. But in fact we all are like hamsters in a running wheel.” She said.

In a meeting with the Austrian Minister for Women Affairs Dr. al-Khuzai appealed to the European Union:

They have to support the Iraqi society to build up their country, this is their obligation. And they should start with the women. You can not ignore 60% of the population. Our life means violence, violence, violence. Through hope we manage to keep on going, but the light at the end of the tunnel is still not there.”

Together with the team of Sandra Frauenberger, the Viennese City Counsellor for Women Affairs: Nicole Krotsch, Nurten Yilmaz and Elisabeth Kromus, an idea for a future project cooperation was born.
The number of orphans is growing day by day. The children live in orphanages but imagine, the girls and boys have to leave those houses at the age of 15. And after that? The government just closes their eyes and are blind to their problems.”

Also Omar al-Rawi, representative of the Viennese City Council, met his compatriot, to discuss possible cooperation’s.

The Nacht der Wiener Wirtschaft was a real success. We cordially thank the organisers and sponsors Echo Agency and the initiative Wider die Gewalt. (Against Violence) for their support of Dr Rajaa al-Khuzai and Women without Borders.


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