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26. January 2007

Peace Now! © Manal Omar

Dear Women without Borders,

Greetings from the ground! We find ourselves in the heat of it all in downtown Beirut, and despite the tension, we are having a fascinating visit.
We are here for our new research-action project ‘Women’s Energy Forum – the female face of reconstruction’ to examine the ways in which women’s energies can be formerly brought into the reconstruction process, in particular in the important areas of communication and renewable energy.

We are meeting with some of the top Lebanese women from the only female Minister, H.E Nayla Moawd, two female lawyers in leading positions of the reconstruction, energy and economic sectors, as well as professors, engineers and the top journalists including Hezbollah female journalists and politicians. We want to create a new platform bringing women’s potential to rebuild Lebanon into the limelight. It is very impressive, Lebanon has such highly motivated, professional women!

Our project is timely, for whilst there is the keen interest in a futuristic energy policy, there are no models, plans or active programmes running which tap into the female expertise to the best advantage of the country. The response so far has been very encouraging, this is certainly a new idea here and there is a great spirit of cooperation.

Give Women the Power - Lebanon will rise and shine!

Best regards to you from Lebanon,

Yours Edit Schlaffer and Georgina Nitzsche


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