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21. September 2006

Workshop SPEDA Gruppe, © SPEDA

Participants at the workshop in August 2006.

Workshop SPEDA Plakat © SPEDA

Workshop SPEDA Runde © SPEDA

Iraq Step by Step into the Future!

Succesful Train-the-Trainer Workshops in Sulaimanya and Irbil.

As a consequence of the WwB Train-the-Trainer workshop with eight women and men from Iraq this year in Bad Blumau/Austria, a big workshop for 40 future trainers took place in Iraq.

Amanj A. Muhammed / Speda Organisation organised together with two co-workers two weeklong workshops for 20 female and male teachers each, 25 women and 15 men in total. The participants  aged between 22 to 30 years were from different schools – and so about 3.000 young women and men will be trained now by them!

This project attempts to reform and modernize the way of education” writes Amanj A. Muhammed in his report. Exercises and training methods like those of  WwB trainings book are a totally new and so far unknown way of teaching and learning, they are the basis for development and change.

The participants received the DVD and the training material which were produced in course of the workshop in Austria and already 30 of them registered for a second stage of the workshop.

Not only to talk, learn and discuss what civil society is and how development can take place but also the possibilities to get to know that everybody can make a change, to build bridges between generations and cultures and to exchange ideas were the major impacts for the participants.

Khaldoun J. Ali / Mercy Hands also ran a workshop for future trainers.
In his last email to Women without Borders he wrote:

Because of the training I received from Women without Borders I was able to design and conduct my first training workshop! That was right after returning from Bad Blumau in March 2006. It was a train-the-trainer workshop focusing on conflict resolution. I was able to train the trainees because of my knowledge and the skills which I have learned in your workshop.
And recently I founded a conflict transformation and peace building resource center in Baghdad – PACT.
I am planning further workshops and I will do my best to have the same effect on the trainees as WwB has had on me.
The PACT center could not have been established without your workshop that empowered me so much. Thank you

It is our and the participants´ big wish that such workshops can take place in future and that Iraq’s youth has the chance to walk into the future step by step.
We are looking for supporters and funders.">Please get in touch with us. Thank you!


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