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27. July 2006

Malayisa Conference - speakers ©Jenny Elmaco/WwB

Speaker Malysia ©Jenny Elmaco/WwB

women malaysia ©Jenny Elmaco/WwB

Girls without Borders Philippines ©WwB

Girls without Borders Philippines! Our first initiative to start this unique platform in the region.

Women without Borders in Malaysia

Women without Borders team member Jenny Elmaco traveled to Malaysia to chair the Executive Women Advancement Summit in Kuala Lumpur from July 24 to 27.

The summit was organized by the KCOM Management with the aim of understanding the position of women in Malaysia, defeat stereotypes regarding women in organizations, equip women with the communication and negotiation skills and to be able to have what every woman deserves. The conference was participated by women leaders in business, academic and government realms in Malaysia.

Jenny Elmaco gave a presentation and and interactive workshop on "Women on the Move": Breaking Barriers which challenged women to think out of the box and to become empowered in order to empower others:

"Studies in disciplines as diverse as anthropology and international development share the same conclusion: there is a direct causal relationship between women’s involvement in social life and the strengthening of values, attitudes, and behaviors that reflect free, fair, and tolerant social interaction.

All of you here are empowered women, you have achieved more, broke barriers and you settle for the best …nothing less. However, my challenge today, taking all the amazing women who have spoken here or you have a chance to interact with, until the end of this conference, is to go beyond anyone’s expections. Let us today improve the question from ‘How can I empower myself’ into ‘How can I empower other women’.

Someone wise once said,
“Vision without action is merely a dream.
Action without vision just passes the time.
Vision with action – you can change the world.”

Women, especially women like you who have so much potential should be challenged to have a vision and act on the vision. Question traditional roles and go beyond what society expects you. For example, one of my favorite cartoons is of a boy and a girl playing in a backyard. The boy has on the stethoscope and is holding the doctor's kit. The little girl says, "O. K. You can be the doctor, I'll be the Secretary of Health and Human Services."

As a woman, you can do so much more. And you can change the world.

The conference was not only a great success but an opportunity for Women without Borders to extend its work to the Asian continent. And because of the inspiration they gained in our workshop, the Malaysian women themselves thought of establishing Women without Borders – Malaysia!

Selamat datang, Women without Borders.

In the course of her journey to the Philippines, Jenny Lind Elmaco will start Girls without Borders in her homeland. We are looking forward to establish a inspiring, great and enthusiastic girls network which will also be active in other places in the region.


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