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23. January 2006

Our Country My Role

Afghanistan - Our Country My Role 2005

A resource book supporting the participationof Afghanistan’s women in politics and civil society.

Women without Borders is pleased to announce that a second edition of the Women without Borders handbook: “Our Country My Role” is now available. The second edition contains a new foreword from Minister Massuda Jalal, as well as new material and more of the inspiring artwork. The handbook looks at democracy, human rights, participation in political processes and civil society from a historical, international, Islamic and Afghan point of view. It deals with topics specific to Afghan women’s social situation. with practical suggestions for women’s greater participation. At the back of the book are workshops, designed for home use with pedagogically appropriate methods. The updated handbook is now available in three languages English, Dari and Pashtun.

The new edition was requested by a group of 20 interested organizations in Afghanistan, including Massuda Jalal, Minister of Women’s Affairs (MoWA) led by Paul Greening, UNFPA, Kabul. This exciting partnership enabled the creation of two additional chapters and workshops to support the recent awareness campaigns by UNFPA and MoWA against family violence and child marriages. Up to10,000 copies were printed and are being distributef using local networks of UN agencies, IGOs, NGOs and volunteers.

The edition has been received positively, as well as being officially promoted through the UNFPA and the MOWA, significantly by the Joint Election Management Body (JEMB) in Kabul and The Roqia Center for Women's Rights, Studies and Education in Afghanistan. Indeed one Afghan (male) politician has privately called for a copy to be sent to every Afghan household and Nasreen Gross, the renowned Afghan activist and educator said: “I saw the book, it looks wonderful. I am going to distribute about 1200 copies of it to women in many provinces and women's organizations”. We hope that it will be of great use to the women of Afghanistan.

Click here to download the handbook.


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