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06. Dezember 2005Dear Women without Borders,

Living in these critical times, societies need to tap into the talents and energies of all citizens. Women need self-confidence and to trust in their competences to bring balance into the public sphere.

Now, Women without Borders is moving to the Middle East. I recently attended the World Summit on the Information Society in Tunis, and presented our vision for the full involvement of women in the Information Society. In order to achieve this, we need to bridge the gaps between the genders as well as between our cultures and work together to make women´s voices heard and their hopes to come true.

This is the big chance for the new generation of women, which already impressively gained ground within the academic field over the last decade. In natural sciences, technology and economy the young courageous, inquisitive women have to reach a critical presence. Why? Because societies will benefit from competent women co-shaping the positive trends in their countries.

And although within the last years high numbers of highly educated, committed women in the Middle East are struggling for a more active role, there is still a long way to go. This is a globally-shared experience: Histories of women are often excluded as the women themselves, resulting in a pronounced imbalance in social representation and a weakening of the social bases of a knowledge-oriented economy.

Women without Borders tries to bridge the gap through research-based activities making the female potential in the Arab region visible. We aim to overcome the digital gender divide by providing access to information and ensuring freedom of expression for the development of a more socially-balanced and prosperous world.

Let´s work together for a gender-just future!

Edit Schlaffer and the WwB-Team


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