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24. September 2014

Mothers School workshop Srinagar

'Graduates' of the Women without Borders / SAVE Mothers School in Dal Lake, May 2014 (Also Edit Schlaffer, Ulrich Kropiunigg and Archana Kapoor)

Kashmir: between conflict and catastrophe

This September, India and Pakistan experienced the worst flooding for a hundred years. After the Monsoon rain fell days without end, the situation is dire, the news shocking. Srinagar, a city with 1,3million inhabitants stands under up to three metres of water in some areas; entire villages were swept away in the slipstream. According to current estimates between 2 to 3 million people have had to evacuate; more than 500 lost their lives - with higher numbers expected.

Equally, Women without Borders / SAVE Mothers School project partners, the participating mothers and their families, have lost everything.

“This has been the most difficult phase of our lives even more than conflict; it devastated us in a single blow. We couldn't get even time to prepare ourselves to evacuate safely. But thankfully after witnessing such a hard time, we really don't believe we are alive”, Aliya Bashir, Mothers School coordinator Srinagar

“Everything is under 15-20 foot of muddy water since Sunday. The office, my apartment, all our belongings in Srinagar lay under water. I was evacuated and spent a day on the road before being found, luckily by one of my colleagues. All sorts of communications have  collapsed. Trust me, the whole of Srinagar and surroundings are in a terrible shape. I am afraid to say it may take a while to come back to near normalcy”, Mousumi Mondal Mothers School coordinator Kupwara

Women without Borders /SAVE is mobilizing a project, so that the children of our Mothers Schools have the opportunity to overcome their trauma, The Kids of Kashmir: pathways from trauma - dialogue, playing and painting


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