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23. January 2014

Mothers First Line of Defense

Global Team for SAVE Mothers Schools

Mothers - The First Line of Defense

A new Women without Borders/SAVE videoclip

Women without Borders/SAVE have an exciting year ahead, we will roll out Mothers Schools in six countries in Africa and Asia.

The old security maxim was ‘Women and children first’. In the new female security paradigm it takes on a whole new meaning! Please click here to watch our latest video clip featuring our Mothers School pioneers from India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Zanzibar.

Last year we marked our 10th anniversary and we are thankful for the energy and fellowship of our sponsors and colleagues and best of all, the opportunity to work with some of the bravest, dynamic and committed women in the world.

We are counting on you for the way ahead too, looking forward with positive outlooks for positive outcomes.


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