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20. September 2013

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The Vienna Exchange

Victims as a Face of Counter-Terrorism

Vienna, 2-3. September 2013

Expert meeting on supporting victims of terrorism in CVE efforts and implementing best practices

For two days on 2-3 September 2013, eighteen experts, practitioners, academics, policymakers, government officials and victims of terrorism convened in Vienna, Austria to discuss the journey that takes victims from horror to hope and how that hope can translate into activism to sooth the pain and counter the growth of terror and violent radicalization in society (CVE).

The meeting was a rare opportunity for representatives from diverse personal and professional backgrounds to present their different approaches and activities in CVE through mobilizing victims. Our common aim was to review which activities victims can do well and are comfortable with whilst considering the impact and potential traps of using victims' voices in CVE.

In the engaged atmosphere we could explore new avenues and mechanisms for victim activism in CVE and identify a broad range of interventions and partnerships from personal testimonials, community reconciliation, prevention strategies to de-radicalization from grass roots to policy level.

Women without Borders /SAVE was honoured to co-host this event through the Hedayah Centre in Abu Dhabi. We look forward to positive follow-up energy and actions to move from words to deeds!


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