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26. November 2012

Archana Kapoor, ©Xenia Hausner

Archana Kapoor, editor of Hardnews, a Delhi based political magazine.

dialogue india pakistan mumbai nov 2011 © Women without Borders

The Women's Dialogue, Mumbai meeting, November 2010

Remembering Mumbai 26/11/2008

Breaking the cycle of terror

Today marks the fourth anniversary of the 26/11 terror attacks on Mumbai, India which killed 166 people including 9 of the gunmen.  The anniversary comes days after the execution of the remaining perpetrator, the Pakistani national Mohammad Ajmal Amir Kasab  who was hung to death in prison and was greeted by mixed reactions in the Indian Press.

The image of Kasab, the lone survivor out of the ten terrorists, captured on camera with a backpack on his back and an AK 47 in his hand has haunted many for the last four years. It’s all over- many say. But is it? Has the hanging of Kasab brought a closure to terrorism and the terrorists? Do you think justice has been done?

I strongly believe that till the issues of alienation, injustice, poverty, deprivation, isolation and identity are not addressed then many Kasab's will be born to create mayhem and will be killed or will be hung, sooner than later. It is an unending cycle till we don't start to work in the direction of integration, understanding and building social coalitions that can keep the channels of communication open for a continuous dialogue.

For nothing is ever simply black and white, even Ajmal Kasab could reflect on his actions:

"God's promise, I will never commit this mistake ever again ..." (Allah kasam dubara aisi galti nahi karunga), were the last words he uttered.

Archana Kapoor   SAVE Chapter India (Pictured top right)


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