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26. July 2010

Peace Starts at Home! Cover © FoG

India: Peace Starts at Home! – Men Included

The Film

Violence against women is a taboo topic in India; there are almost no facilities in which women can openly speak out against domestic violence. Gender-based violence is not the victims’ private problem; male aggression or cultural practices may not be used to excuse gender-based violence. Violence against women must be addressed and freed from taboos.

Men have strength, but not for hurting!” is the slogan of Women without Borders’ anti-violence campaign and the sensitivity trainings they developed and conducted in New Delhi, Chennai, Lucknow, and Mumbai with their Indian partner Archana Kapoor and her NGO SMART. Peace Starts at Home! is a model project for positive male participation and action, and is a first step toward and the basis for a country-wide campaign in India.

Archana Kapoor produced a film to accompany the project that can be used as a basis for training as well as a motor for a national and international consciousness-raising campaign. The film clearly shows that violence against women affects the life stories of Indian women. Victims and experts are given a platform to speak about their experiences. Viewers also gain a more complete picture of the work that Women without Borders carries out in India. In addition to showcasing cultural and socio-demographic background information, Women without Borders’ and their local partners’ activities are highlighted.


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