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14. June 2010

Peace Starts at Home presentation group picture © BMASK

Minister Rudolf Hundstofer with Archana Kapoor and Edit Schlaffer

Peace Starts at Home Präsentation Podium © BMASK


India- Peace Starts at Home - Men Included!

Project and Film Presentation

On June 1, 2010, Women without Borders presented the campaign against gender-based violence with Federal Minister Rudolf Hundstorder and Archana Kapoor, our Indian partner, in the press center of the Federal Ministry for Labour, Social Affairs, and Consumer Protection.

Men have strength, but not for hurting!
This is the message of this anti-violence campaign and the sensitivity trainings that were developed and carried out in New Delhi, Chennai, Lucknow, and Mumbai with our Indian partner Archana Kapoor and her NGO SMART.

The Federal Ministry for Labour, Social Affairs, and Consumer Protection (BMASK) supported this project. Peace Starts at Home! is a model project for positive male participation and action. In cooperation with local and international experts and based on a survey conducted with families affected by violence, a training manual was developed to teach social workers and NGOs how to work with men and women on developing constructive paths out of violence. Archana Kapoor produced a film to accompany the project that can be used as a basis for training as well as a motor for a national and international consciousness-raising campaign.

Men Creating Peace, This Time at Home and Not on the World Stage!

Violence against women is a taboo topic in India; there are almost no facilities in which women can openly speak out against domestic violence. Gender-based violence is not the victims’ private problem; men’s aggression or cultural practices may not be used to excuse gender-based violence; violence against women must be addressed and freed from taboos.

The National Family Health Survey India (NFHS) clearly states: 21 percent of married women in India have been abused by their husbands, in-laws, or others since the age of 15. Every three minutes, a crime is committed against a woman, a woman is raped every 29 minutes, and every 77 minutes a dowry-death is recorded.

Peace Starts at Home!“ is a first step and the basis for a countrywide campaign in India.

You will soon be able to download the Project Film on our website.


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