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07. June 2010

SAVE India: Mothers for Change! Project Report

"Our Stories, Our Future" and "Swimming to the Future" workshops in Mumbai

From April 26-30, 2010, SAVE India launched a Mothers for Change! pilot project to test how to reach out to families affected by the 26/11 attacks. These families can serve as important testimonials for the young generation, and their experiences are central to developing alternative narratives to extremist ideologies. Through storytelling and swimming workshops, the participants explored their own lived experiences of the terrorist attack and realized for the first time their own potential to make a difference in their lives.

“Our Stories, Our Future”
A week-long storytelling process designed to help participants explore what happened in their lives and to speak out about atrocities, leading to personal healing and community awareness.

“Swimming Into the Future”
Swimming relieves stress and is an important tool in increasing awareness of one’s physical capabilities, promoting teamwork, and overcoming inhibitions. This workshop served to boost self-esteem and create a bond among the participants.

The wives, sisters, daughters, and mothers of the police officers who courageously protected lives during the 26/11 attacks formed the main participant group. These women, who play a critical role in providing emotional support to the men that defended Mumbai on 26/11 and continue to risk their lives on a daily basis, have been completely neglected in the aftermath of the attacks. Several victims of the 26/11 attacks also attended the workshop, and had the opportunity for the first time to speak about the traumatizing events. The mothers and daughters attended separate storytelling and swimming sessions tailored to their age and experience requirements.

For more information, please download the project report!


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