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29. May 2010

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Qoran Asma Arshi train the trainers may 2010

The Way Out: Women Know How!

SAVE Workshops Conclusions

In our last update on the first SAVE Global Training Workshops, we talked about the 15 amazing women from Pakistan, Yemen, Northern Ireland, Palestine, Israel, Bosnia, Indonesia, India, and Somalia who have come together in Maria Worth, Austria, to share best practices and learn from each other’s experiences to launch SAVE’s first global campaign: Mothers for Change! in their home countries. Mothers for Change! is a groundbreaking global campaign designed to empower and enable women to challenge violent extremism in their homes and communities.

The first half of the week was focused on Storytelling processes for conflict resolution and reconciliation, and in the second half of the week the emphasis of the training moved from dialogue to action-oriented strategy sessions. May de Silva, Executive Director of Women into Politics, met with chapter groups to develop long-term strategic plans to create a clearer overview of what Mothers for Change! will look like in each of the countries. The chapter groups discussed everything from program structure to resource needs, and as a group, they worked together to plan how to transform the vision into reality.

The SAVE participants also had a chance to experience regional Austrian culture when they were honored by the Carinthian state government’s Minister for Gender Affairs. SAVE’s work was recognized, as was the continued need for greater women’s participation in politics throughout the world. After the ceremony, the SAVE Sisters spent the afternoon in Klagenfurt, visiting local stores and enjoying a quieter Austrian city.

At the conclusion of the conference, each chapter had developed a three month pilot project to implement the program through its initial phases and build up momentum for the Mothers for Change! movement. Once the chapter coordinators return home, they will be moving immediately into action with their individual outreach initiatives and developing the foundations of the Mothers network in their countries.


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