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04. March 2010

2nd SAVE Global Conference edit archana lily

Lily Zakiyeh Munir (far right) coordinator of SAVE Indonesia, with Dr. Edit Schlaffer, SAVE's Executive Director, and Archana Kapoor from SAVE India

2nd SAVE Global Conference group photo

The SAVE Global Campaign

Mothers for Change!

SAVE will empower mothers as agents of change in the global environment of violent extremism.

Our campaign will be initiated in Yemen, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Palestine, Israel, the UK and Ireland. Women are strategically positioned to raise consciousness for the threat of violent extremism and to empower women to reduce the attraction of extremist ideologies. They build an ideal early warning system when their sons, daughters or husbands travel down the wrong path.

The “Mothers for Change!” campaign will give mothers the encouragement, support and necessary tools to protect their children from the threat of violent extremism.

SAVE Indonesia has already organized youth peace camps and will now harness the potential of mothers.

Yemeni mothers are joining hands to help their sons choose the right path.

Bereaved Palestinian and Israeli mothers work together to prevent further killing.

Mothers in Pakistan will open new opportunities and horizons for their children.

SAVE India gives mothers a voice to fight violent extremism.

SAVE US will reach out to mothers to reinforce the need to combat violent extremism.

SAVE UK and Ireland will empower mothers to safeguard their children from violent extremism. The mothers acknowledge the work they have done and what still needs to be done. They will share their experiences with other SAVE chapters.

Palestine will empower mothers to search for alternatives to break the cycle of violence.

Mothers do not bring children into the world to become violent extremists.

Security is in the Hands of Mothers!


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