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15. March 2003

Rosina Fawzia Al-Rawi about the situation in Iraq

There is no such thing as a clean war. War always means destruction, death, misery and dirstress

The war against Iraq which is being carried out without the consent of the UN, against the will of most people in this world, is a war which will not only have great consequences for Iraq, but for the entire world. It is being sold as a war against a dictator, for the improvement of the situation of the people of this country, but it is a war of greed, a war of praise for the power of weapons, the aggressive economic interests, a war which is supposed to be an example that we as human beings, as individuals are legitimised to implement lies, unjustness and greed in order to reach our goals and fulfill our wishes.

This is the third war for Iraq since 1980 – almost 9 years against Iran, then the Gulf War in 1991 and the UN-embargo. It cannot get worse for Iraqis. Cynicism, which can only be spoken of by somebody who has never witnessed a war.

Does the small, private, politically unimportant region, the region in which one lives, loves, meets with friends, marries, gives birth to children and is able to die in bed peacefully, not count? This was possible despite dictatorship, despite sanctions. This is not possible anymore. Exactly this is the difference between war and the absence of war. Iraqis know this difference very well.

One speaks of globalization, but this is meant to be only of capital and production. Progress is needed, more and more progress, but progress to where? Is our happiness only supposed to be dependent on a new pair of pants which we have bought or a car which we are supposed to love as dearly as our best friend? Is this kind of progress not a step away from human dignity?

We have all become people in distress, since September 11th there is no first, second or third world anymore. We need awareness that gives us the courage and the power to see that we as human beings are involved in a process of giving and taking and that a simplified classification into “Good” and “Evil” does not exist in life.

Every nation loves freedom, every one of us loves freedom, but destruction and occupation are not the answer, are not the way to freedom.

We are all aware of the danger that can be a result of this war, and people who are able to live in democracy and freedom have the mortal responsibility to stand up, support others who are disadvantaged and help them on their way, not through war but through solidarity.

Rosina Fawzia Al-Rawi was one of the key speakers of the WwB Matinee "Women in War" on March 9th 2003.


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