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29. September 2009

Junge Musliminnen in Europa Heba Elias ©Carolin Gagidis-Rappenberg

This is Us! Young Muslim Men and Women in Vienna

Within the framework of a "Listening Project" supported by the city of Vienna (Cultural Department of the City of Vienna, MA 7), Women without Borders held conversations with Viennese pupils and university students to learn about  the daily realities of the young Muslim generation.

"This is Us!" is a 17-minute long film featuring young men and women that have one thing in common: they must strike a balance between two worlds. Their home is Vienna, but so is Banja Luka, Anakara or Damascus.

How do they live and think; what are their wishes, setbacks, and obstacles; how do they manage the delicate balancing act between religion, tradition, and modernity?

"This is Us!" was produced by the Austrian filmmaker Silja Strasser.


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