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09. September 2009

Women without Borders Films on YouTube

Our documentaries from India to Zanzibar, England and Spain

The Women without Borders projects which were initiated after the Tsunami in the South of India - "Connecting Women and Children for Hope!", "Take your Future into your Hands" und "Swimming into the Future!" - were documented by our Indian partner Archana Kapoor. Please follow the filmtitles below in order to watch the two videos on YouTube, "Life beyond Tsunami" and "Different Strokes".

In June 2008 the Women without Borders team realized the "Island of Change!" project in Zanzibar. The German filmmaker Silvia Strasser joined us and produced a documentary. Please click here to watch it. (There is part 1 and part 2).

Further films can be downloaded on our website and on Youtube, please click here to watch new productions.

In the frame of SAVE - Sisters Against Violent Extremism - the new Women without Borders initiative we produce short feature on a regular basis. Please klick on our SAVE YouTube account to watch them.


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