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03. July 2007

Gruppe vorm Burgtheater ©Elisabeth Kasbauer/FoG

A part of the workshop group in front of the Burgtheater.

Autobus © Elisabeth Kasbauer/FoG

Magic Stick &ocpy; Elisabeth Kasbauer/FoG

The Magic Stick - the participants have to bring the stick together to the ground - sounds easier than it is in reality ...

Letzter Abend © Women without Borders

Enjoying the last evening in the Museumsquartier

Young Women: Fit for Politics! in Vienna

International workshop with 13 participants from Turkey, Austria and Cyprus

With this successful training weekend in Vienna (June 30th and July 1st), the EU/Sokrates Grundtvig project “Young Women: Fit for Politics!” is coming to an end.

During the last two years, the three partner organisations Women without Borders/Vienna, ARI Movement Istanbul and the Mediterranean Institute for Gender Studies – MIGS – from Limassol developed an interactive training handbook: Theoretical background information, discussions and interactive exercises on identity and orientation, public speaking, problem solving, peace and conflict resolution and leadership are the basis for several training sessions.

„Women shouldn't be in parliament to educate men, but to change the world”

The young participants between 17 and 27 years – three from Cyprus, four from Istanbul and six from Vienna – started with a lot of questions on Saturday morning: where am I? Who am I? What do I expect from this workshop?
Getting to know each other, discussing about the situation, differences and commonalities in the three countries and gaining new experiences was the common goal of young women and trainers alike.

Throughout the weekend, the participants did not only win new friends and create new networks, but kept on discussing and comparing the situation in their home countries – what does it mean to be a young and active woman in Cyprus, Turkey and Austria? How can we become active citizens? What are the barriers to our active participation?
The obstacles for active participation are mainly in ourselves …”

How does it feel to be a leader? “To be a leader is fascinating”.
I was nervous to lead so many people; you really need to know how your members work” was the more elaborated feedback of another participant.

For the young women from Turkey and Cyprus this get together was special: “We don´t know each other; we have to work together much closer. Through workshops like this one, we have the chance to reduce prejudices. We had so much fun together, and we learned a lot. I think it is so important to get to know each other”.

One weekend is definitely too short to deal with all the issues in depth, however this workshop was an important first step for the young women.

The question marks were less on Sunday evening; self-consciousness, awareness and the wish to take action to change the world characterized the participant´s thoughts.

I won inner strength and self-confidence. The workshop empowered me to take action. There are still a lot of questions, but I feel much more energetic.”

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