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16. November 2009

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F.l.t.r.: Mossarat Qadim, Salma Malik, Dr Shaheen Akhtar, Shabana Fayyaz and Arshi Saleem

Pakistan - Petition: SAVE - Peace Bridge in Pakistan

The SAVE Pakistan group created a petition calling for peace and tolerance.

The following points reflect our feelings and our resolve to be part of the worldwide SAVE campaign.

• Women in Pakistan desire peace through dialogue, understanding and engagement, both at home and abroad.

• Peace through force or bullet never pays, and will be short-term unless the root causes that give rise to extremism and violent behaviour are addressed through a holistic and comprehensive approach at the micro and the macro level.

• We are change leaders and must be proactive in our different capacities to foster tolerance and courage in the face of violence and militancy.

• We need to sensitize ourselves and the world to the hardship and sacrifices that our fellow women are making for all of us in the ongoing war against extremism. We must come forward to facilitate the transition for Internally Displaced Families to the best of our capabilities and resources.

• We are committed to being part of the SAVE initiative within our country and beyond, and will look forward to forging new links in this regard.

Submitted by: Ms Shabana Fayyaz, Ms Salma Malik, Ms Arshi Saleem Hashmi, Dr Shaheen Akhtar, Ms Farhat Akram, Ms Sharmeen Chinoy, Ms Mossarat Qadim.


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