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29. March 2016

Women and children, the human shields against terrorism

After wiping out entire Christian and Muslim families, who had been enjoying a peaceful Sunday afternoon in the Gulshan-e-Iqbal-Park in Lahore, the masterminds behind the attacks sought to capitalize ...

MS Flag Pakistan v4


25. March 2016

Brussels aftermath: Edit Schlaffer calls for widespread support of mothers in their crucial role of preventing violent extremism ...


22. March 2016

This is the moment to unite, not divide.

Brussels is under attack. Humanity is under attack. This is about all of us. The Women without Borders Team is currently in Brussels where we intended to celebrate the graduation of the first attendees ...


09. March 2016

International Mothers School Train-the Trainer March 5-8th, Vienna

Women without Borders concluded its four-day International Mothers School Train-the-Trainer hosting 22 representatives from Sweden, Belgium, England, Kashmir and Niger in Vienna. The training brought ...

International Mothers School Train-the-Trainer Vienna March 5-8In


23. February 2016

EVENT on March 8th: Global Mothers Security Exchange

March 8th 2016 11.00 - 13.00 Ringturm, 20th floor, Schottenring 30, Vienna On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Women without Borders presents the Mothers School Against Extremism ...


20. February 2016

Mothers Schools Scale-up in Indonesia

Women without Borders travels to East Java

The Mothers School movement is expanding in Indonesia! Women without Borders has completed another Mothers School train-the-trainer with its partner Tanoker in Ledokombo, East Java. Excellent local ...

TOT Ledokombo Feb 16


20. January 2016

In solidarity with the young people of Pakistan

We are deeply saddened to hear of today's attacks at Bacha Khan University in northern Pakistan. Students and faculty came together for a poetry reading to commemorate the death of leader and peace ...

Students aftr the attack in Pakistan © AFP


21. December 2015

Women without Borders Christmas Greetings

Women without Borders Christmas Greetings

Dear Women without Borders/SAVE friends and partners, It’s been a busy year, distressing in many ways, but still there are rays of hope. While terrorism around the globe try to undermine our ...


15. December 2015

New Publication! Mothers Against Terror

Families are best placed to address radicalization before it escalates into violence

Edit Schlaffer and Ulrich Kropiunigg feature the research on concerned mothers and the implementation of the Mothers School against extremism model in the Marhall Center publication per Concordiam. Please ...


30. November 2015

Women without Borders Documentary featured on ORF 2

(English version will follow shortly) Liebe Frauen ohne Grenzen, liebe Freundinnen und Freunde, 2015 war bis jetzt ein dramatisches Jahr, mit einer Serie von Terroranschlägen quer durch die ...

Mothers Schools Graduates Indonesia © WwB


18. November 2015

Mothers School Leaders and SAVE Sisters respond to the Paris attacks

If by bombing Syria to retaliate Paris attackers, things would be sorted then we would have never seen today the re-invasion of the Taliban in Afghanistan. We have seen devastation in Kashmir, Paris, ...


06. Oktober 2015

The Austrian Mothers School Against Extremism has launched!

13 Expert will train 60 Mothers in preventing radicalization

Women without Borders successfully trained social workers, psychologists, educators and security experts as the Mothers School trainers in Vienna. Trainers will incorporate the 10 week training into ...


01. Oktober 2015

Women without Borders launches the first European Mothers School in Belgium

September 2015

The Women without Borders team traveled to Brussels to train ten new Mothers School trainers who will roll-out Mothers School groups in Brussels and Vilvoorde. The Mothers School train-the-trainer included ...


10. September 2015

"Fragile Europe"

Edit Schlaffer presented our Mothers School Model at the Rheintaltreffen of the Soroptimist International Club Vaduz (Liechtenstein)

SIE Club Vaduz 1st Vaduz Symposium “Fragile Europe“ University of Liechtenstein AT THE ZENITH OF TIME Already in spring Monika Studer directed her thoughts to the topic of a fragile ...

Edit Schlaffer Vaduz © Soroptimist Club Vaduz


27. August 2015

Launching Women without Border/SAVE's groundbreaking report: Can Mothers Challenge Extremism?

Women without Border/SAVE announces the launch of its groundbreaking report: Can Mothers Challenge Extremism? We declare, if mothers succeed to build up a first line of defense, they can be the driver ...

Report: Can Mothers Challenge Extremism?


29. July 2015

Announcing: the launch the first round of European Mothers Schools: Bringing this unique approach to Austria and Belgium to challenge the flow of foreign fighters

The Mothers School model is a pioneering family-centered security platform that strengthens existing counter violent extremism (CVE) approaches by engaging an untapped segment of civil society: mothers. ...


16. July 2015

Edit Schlaffer is awarded the Soroptimist International of Europe Peace Prize 2015

Edit Schlaffer was awarded the Soroptimist International Europe Peace Prize 2015 for her work with Women without Borders, at the Soroptimist International Convention in Istanbul. This award honors ...

Soroptimist International European Peace Prize 2015


22. June 2015

Women without Borders Documentaries

Go to our YouTube channel to watch various video clips documenting the work of Women wihout Borders / SAVE and highlighting key testimonials from women who are on the frontlines in promoting peace and ...



26. May 2015

Mothers School Graduation Ceremony in East Java, Indonesia

1400 women, children and men marched in celebration of the first 100 women who participated in the Mothers School project in Ledokombo.

East Java Mothers School Graduation Ceremony


23. April 2015

Edit Schlaffer with Munye, whose daughter was lured to Syria, onstage at the Women in the World Summit 2015

One mother's fight to bring her daughter back from jihad

When her daughter disappeared last spring, an unthinkable nightmare began for Saida Munye. She knew her daughter had fled the family home in Sweden with a man she loved. The man was a terrorist from ISIS. Munye ...

Edit, Yassin and Saida at WITW 2015


21. April 2015

Women without Borders featured in the New York Times

Edit Schlaffer presented the Women without Borders Mothers School model at the Women in the World Summit 2015

The girls of jihad and the secret weapon one woman is using to turn them back Why young women want to join men who behead and burn people alive. And what happens to them after they join In the war ...


15. April 2015

Edit Schlaffer at the Women in the World Summit 2015

Women without Borders presenting the Mothers School Against Extremism Program

In conversation with Christiane Amanpour, anchor and chief international correspondent at CNN, Edit Schlaffer will present our work at the opening panel on April 22nd: Girls as a Weapon of War What ...

Women in the World Announcement NYT


03. March 2015

Mothers Schools Go West: Women without Borders starts Mothers Schools Against Extremism in Austria

Community Engagement for Security Building against Radicalisation and Recruitment

Terror attacks and violent extremist ideologies are now a reality in and across Europe. The recruitment of young men and women is a major concern for security experts and politicians. Counter-offensives ...

Mothers Schools Against Extremism © BMASK


17. February 2015

Coup d'état in Yemen

Nadia Al Sakkaf, former Minister of Information, Journalist for the Yemen Times and Director of the Yemen 21 Forum, writes on the situation for women in the new ruling Houthi council.

"The Taliban of Yemen A new violent religious movement known as Houthis which has taken over Yemen’s capital and many of its northern governorates across five months, announced a constitutional ...

Yemen banner


19. January 2015

Edit Schlaffer receives the Aenne Burda Prize 2015

Edit Schlaffer receives distinguished Aenne Burda Award for Creative Leadership Edit Schlaffer was presented the Aenne Burda Award at the DLD Conference 2015 in Munich on the 19th January, for her ...

Aenne Burda Award 2015


12. January 2015

Paris, Everywhere.

Solidarity is only the beginning

When we talk about the atrocities that happened in Paris, we have to wake up to reality, it is ongoing everywhere: suicide bombings across Iraq, Syria and Pakistan make headlines, Taliban reemerged in ...

Je suis Charlie caric © Jean Jullien


11. December 2014

The Vienna Mothers MOVE Declaration

The participants of the Women without Borders/SAVE conference "The Lure of Syria: Working with Mothers for Strategies and Solutions" agreed on the following Mothers MOVE (Mothers Opposing Violent Extremism) Declaration

December 9, 2014 We join together in Vienna with mothers who lost their sons and daughters to the lure of Syria, to recognize and humanize the journey of their children and families. As mothers who ...


11. December 2014

Conference Reflections: Working with Mothers for Strategies and Solutions

“I am here, because I won’t keep quiet: If we mothers keep quiet we are siding with the people who spoiled our children.” Elfriede, whose 19 year old son left Germany in 2012 - she does not know if he is alive or dead.

Women without Borders brought an international group of mothers from across Europe and Canada together, who bravely spoke out about their sons and daughters becoming radicalized and departing for Syria. ...


11. March 2014

Mothers as New Security Allies

Global Mothers School Roll Out

“The First School is the Home and the First Teacher is the Mother” – Khadijah Hawaja, Nigeria We are pleased to share with you the full length version of our latest film showing our ...

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