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Dr. Bilqis Jubari, Dr. Mohammed al-Maitami and daughter

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Dr. Edit Schlaffer and Dr. Bilqis Jubari

YEMEN- A Roundtable Discussion

with Yemeni experts Bilqis Jubari and Mohammed al-Maitami at the Austrian National Bank

21. December 2011

On Wednesday, December 14th, 2011, Women without Borders/SAVE held an expert roundtable at the Austrian National Bank in Vienna with Yemeni experts, Dr. Bilqis Jubari and Dr. Mohammed Al Maitami, entitled Yemen: Economic and Social Challenges Ahead. Dr. Al Maitami and Dr. Jubari lead an insightful and engaging discussion with a range of Austrian experts on the economic, social and political challenges Yemen will face in the short-term and mid-term future. Stabilizing Yemen is crucial to regional and international security, as the country is located in a particularly volatile region. Innovative economic and development projects are urgently needed to ensure that the fledgling process of transition into an inclusive democracy is successful and enduring. Above all, the young women and men who led the forefront of Yemen’s peaceful protests for change must be represented in the process of transition.

Dr. Jubari has partnered with Women without Borders to launch the new Stop Violence! Hotline to provide concerned family members with counseling services toll free across the country.

Dr. Bilqis Jubari is director of the leading Educational and Psychological Counselling Centre at Sana’a University in Yemen, where she is also an associate professor in the Department of Psychology. She is is co-founder and chair of the Family Counselling and Development Foundation, one of the only organizations in Yemen to provide psychiatric and counselling services to the population. She is a courageous advocate for women in a country ranked as one of the worst in the world for women’s rights, and is also a consultant for INTERSOS and the Social Fund for Development.

Dr. Mohammed al-Maitami was ranked as one of the most influential Arabs in the world in the 2010 Arabian Business Power 500 list. He combines his role as Professor of Economics at Sana’a University in Yemen with his position as Vice Chancellor of the International University of Technology in Malaysia. Dr. al-Maitami founded the Sheba Center for Strategic Studies in 2008, to provide Yemen’s decision-makers with alternative social, economic and political policy strategies. Since 2007 he has been Vice Chairman of Non-Governmental Advisory Counsel of the President of the Republic of Yemen, and in addition to writing a weekly column in Yemen’s largest state newspaper, Dr. al-Maitami consults for the World Bank, the Middle East Forum for Democracy in Washington D.C., and the Global Development Network.

Watch behind the scene interviews with Jubari and al-Maitami:


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