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Charity Event - Southern Africa Documentation and Cooperation Centre

For homeless women and children in Cape Town

28. May 2011
EGA: Frauen im Zentrum, Windmühlgasse 26, 1060 Vienna

SADOCC, the Southern Africa Documentation and Cooperation Centre in Vienna works to further relations between Austria and the European Union to member countries of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) on the basis of solidarit.
WIN (Women in Need) is a project that has helped homeless women and children in Southern Africa since 1996. SADOCC supports a recycling program through which women can achieve their own income. Workshops increase their pesonal strength and inform them about their rights.


Concert by Brazama
Stories from and about Mozambique
Modern and traditional dances from South Africa
DJ Krischan
Drinks and specialities from Southern Africa

BRAZAMA stands for Brasil, Zambia and Madagascar. Inspired by the local music and culture of these three lands, Cornelia Pesendorfer, Dana Rupinamba and Sheila Schmidhofer will enchant the evening with African music, filling the event with positive energy.


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