Auto Venpurusam © Elisabeth Kasbauer

On the boat with widows © Peter Stefan

Edit Schlaffer and Ambassador Jutta Stefan-Bastl with women from Kokilimedu in the Women without Borders boat.

Archana Kapoor, ©Xenia Hausner

Archana Kapoor, editor of Hardnews, a Delhi based political magazine.

Women in Kokilimedu © Elisabeth Kasbauer/WwB

The Tsunami and the Women

Connecting Women and Children for Hope!

08. June 2007 11:30
Kultur Cafe (ORF Radio Kulturhaus, Argentinierstrasse 30a, 1040 Vienna)

Project presentation and screening of the film "Life beyond Tsunami"

The Tsunami disaster in December 2004 not only stole human lives and washed away houses and boats, but also swept up rules and regulations, assurances and patriarchal traditions. Yet out of this came new opportunities: a new role for women in disaster management and in living together with the authorities and men in their villages.

Women without Borders was alarmed at the news that the flow of international help did not reach women in the coastal area adequately. Some women were absolutely excluded and the male structures, tainted by alcohol and violence, grew worse in the situation of crisis.
Together with our Indian partners Women without Borders developed the unique pilot project "Connecting Women and Children for Hope!" in the south Indian villages Venpurusham and Kokilimedu. The project was supported by the Austrian Ministry for Social Affairs, Generations and Consumer Protection and the Austrian Ambassador to India, Dr. Jutta Stefan-Bastl.

To integrate women in the reconstruction of the villages, we organised women’s assemblies which developed their own dynamics.

Corner stones of the project:
• Formation of women´s cooperatives
• Involvement of the men through sensibilisation acitivities
• Opening of non-traditional areas for women through driving training

Ratna, an 18year old mother “Now the men respect us. They have seen that we can achieve something, if they let us.”

Minister Dr. Erwin Buchinger
On the Podium
Dr. Edit Schlaffer/ Women without Borders
Archana Kapoor/ SMART, Project partner in India
Dr. Jutta Stefan-Bastl / Austrian Embassador in Delhi.

Registration and Information
: Women without Borders, Elisabeth Kasbauer,, 01 533 455 1.


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